TheraVet’s mission: to bring major innovation to the veterinary medicine sector in terms of treating osteoarticular diseases in pets

TheraVet’s product portfolio consists of pharmaceutical products (ViscoVet) and medical devices (BioceraVet) for treating osteoarticular diseases in dogs, cats and horses.

  • BioceraVet is a line of bone substitutes that deliver an ideal combination of efficacy, safety and ergonomics. BioceraVet offers rapid bone consolidation, reduces complications and reduces surgery time to 30-45 minutes, making it a real alternative to autologous bone grafts.
  • ViscoVet is a line of injectable visco-regenerative gels for canine osteoarthritis and canine cruciate ligament disease (CCLD). With a single targeted injection, it reduces the progression of osteoarthritis and the associated pain. ViscoVet has obtained Minor Use Minor Species (MUMS) approval for the treatment of CCLD from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and has qualified for the FDA’s Veterinary Innovation Program (VIP). These two approvals reduce the regulatory requirements in relation to ViscoVet’s marketing authorisation application.

The value added by TheraVet’s products is confirmed by clinical results

For BioceraVet, the Company is currently carrying out a prospective multi-centre clinical trial involving 10 centres in France and Belgium. The trial will consolidate results already obtained in 44 clinical cases in targeted indications as part of compassionate treatments by a network of renowned veterinarians. For ViscoVet, confirmatory clinical trials in canine osteoarthritis will be initiated in Europe and the US to confirm the safety and efficacy results obtained in proof-of-concept studies involving 34 dogs in total.

Execution of the marketing strategy, rapid pace of commercial launches in Europe and the US

The Company is developing its product ranges with input from European and US veterinary experts and opinion leaders who are highly influential in the orthopedic veterinarian community. TheraVet has a very well defined and clearly identified target market, along with promotional support provided by a network of veterinarians set up within each target country, and its commercial strategy is based on both direct and indirect sales.

TheraVet has started marketing BioceraVet in Belgium in the first half of 2021. Marketing will be extended to France and the Netherlands from the second half of 2021, then to the other main European countries and the US. ViscoVet will be launched commercially in 2024 and will benefit from the network of orthopedic veterinarians established for BioceraVet.

An experienced, complementary and committed team

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Scientific Advisory Board

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